It’s been a busy week of finishing touches and final polishing. With all the functionality finished and the final art assets completed it was finally time to submit ZER0ED to the App Store. After about 15 hours in the hands of Apple’s review team, the story of my first time publishing on the App Store can no be told.

But, before we start, make sure you get ZER0ED for free here.

Perfection is the enemy of progress

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is that perfection is the enemy of progress. I use this philosophy in my day to day life as a research scientist and brought it to game development.

If I strived for perfection I would never release a game. Working by myself to learn to code, learn to draw, learn to compose music, and all the other components that go into making a game – perfection is not attainable.

That doesn’t mean that ZER0ED is a low-quality product. There is a difference between perfection and quality. ZER0ED could have a more refined art style, or better quality music and sound.

ZER0ED could definitely be better, but this is close to the best product I could put out given my experience. It’s definitely playable, fun, and addicting. Most important of all though is that it is available for you to play.

Early Feedback Has Been Positive

Being that this was my first time publishing on the App Store I was nervous about the feedback I’d receive. So far, albeit it’s been mostly family and friends playing, the feedback has been positive.

My brother was very impressed with the fluidity and polish that I was able to achieve as a first-time developer. Mom says that the game is extremely addicting – Hi mom, thanks for playing! And a friend from college (who does a bit of web development herself) was impressed that I completed a full game.

The most common critic so far is that the tutorial doesn’t do a good enough job. This is definitely a fair point and I’ve already submitted a 1.0.1 version to Apple to address this.

I mean… try what again exactly?

I will say this about tutorial development though – it’s not easy! Writing the tutorial for this game was one of the most challenging parts of the development process.

What’s next?

The next major update to ZER0ED will hopefully add iPad support. This is just going to boil down to whether or not I can get the art and UI elements laid out on the iPad screen properly.

However, one of the stretch goals is to create a second game mode. I’d like to attempt to develop a more structured puzzle-type game mode within the ZER0ED mechanics. The rough idea would be to present handcrafted levels of various puzzles for the player to solve. It remains to be seen if this is possible or not, but if I’m able to make it happen I will definitely do it!

Until then I truly want to thank those that have already tried ZER0ED, left reviews, sent their support and altogether have made this first time publishing on the App Store much easier than I thought it was going to be.


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