Recently I released my first game on the App Store called ZER0ED. This first week after publishing my game has been exciting, intimidating, and somewhat frustrating. While I’m proud of what I’ve done I can’t help but wonder if I could have done better, especially in the onboarding and tutorial side of things.

I spent a good amount of time building a game, and while I don’t expect a lot of downloads, I’d like the few people that do download ZER0ED to enjoy what I’ve created. So today, I’m going to try and give those that want it, a leg up on the ZER0ED leaderboards and share some of the tips I use to play the game that I’ve created.

Mix It Up – ZER0ED is about Adding and Subtracting

You have the freedom to individually select Targets to add, subtract, or do nothing. Make sure you’re mixing this mechanic up with each use of a Resource. Which leads to the next tip on this list.

Set The Board Up For Multiple ZER0s

You earn bonus points for each additional ZER0 with a Resource. This incentivizes you to create a board where you can use a single resource to create multiple ZER0s.

To do this add and subtract the Resources Value from Targets until you have multiple Targets of the same value, then focus on making all the Targets zero at the same time.

The Resource Value Will Never Be Higher Than The Highest Target’s Value

This is a little bit of knowledge that wouldn’t be necessarily apparent until after a lot of playtimes, but its importance in the gameplay is huge. What this means is that if all your Targets are the same value you can be guaranteed that you will be able to subtract all Targets to ZER0 eventually.

Penalties Aren’t Too Problematic Early

The penalties are in place to prevent you from beating the game in the later runs. Early on getting a 7 or letting a Target expire isn’t going to mean the end of a run.

However, getting more than a couple of 7s later in the run could spell disaster as the penalties inflicted are tied to your current score. Notice the difference in remaining fuel in the two screenshots above.

ZER0ED is an Arcade Game So Speed is Important

As you score more points the game will move faster and faster. It’s important to have a plan in place for how you’re going to evaluate the board and make your decision.

My decision making usually starts with knowing what numbers on on the board. Then I’ll do a quick scan to ensure I’m not making a ZER0, next look for potential sevens, then fives (for bonus points of course), then ways to create two Targets with the same value and finally an ZER0s.

Demonstration To Bring it All Together

Okay, with a basic understanding of the way I play ZER0ED laid out let’s take a quick look at some gameplay!



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