Over the last several years it has been a goal of mine to publish games on Apple’s AppStore. It has been an up and down journey, to say the least, but I have stuck with it. With every attempt teaching me more about the process of game development. I’ve learned firsthand the importance of starting with a small scope.

ZER0ED is my first finished project. The game is a math puzzle arcade game. Download it for free on the App Store today!

ZER0ED is the result of a long and winding path. Over years of growth as a game developer I’ve finally built a game that I feel can be released to the public.

In order to finally succeed in launching a game ZEROED was designed from the start to be a small, casual game.

The basic concept for ZER0ED is an arcade-style numbers game. The player is tasked with adding and subtracting to form as many ZER0s as possible.

ZER0ED is a passion project. To have this game finally finished is an amazing feeling. I used an app called Procreate and my iPad to create the game’s art. Using Logic Pro X software instruments I was able to create simple sound effects and a basic soundtrack for the game. Finally, SpriteKit, Apple’s game development framework, was used to bring it all together.

In the coming months, I plan to build upon this foundation and expand the gameplay options of ZER0ED. The game will always remain a math focused arcade game, but I want to add a puzzle mode at some point to complement this fast-paced arcade gameplay.


What Platforms will ZEROED Support?

While I’d love to support every platform it’s just not feasible for me to do this. ZEROED is an iPhone exclusive game.

What Will ZEROED Cost?

ZEROED is a free download on the AppStore.

Will there be IAPs or Ads?

The initial version will not have IAPs or Ads. However, I do have plans for expansion, which may include a small fee to unlock.